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French Doors in the North East

French doors from Ashdale Home Improvements are a great way to connect your home with your garden – as well as refreshing the apperance of your home.

The double-leaf design offers great functionality, so you can keep one leaf open and one leaf closed and locked, or open both sides of the doors and secure them with cabin hooks to keep them in place when it’s windy outside.

Choose a uPVC French door as a low maintenance energy-efficient option or an aluminium French door with a modern finish and minimal framing, allowing in maximum sunlight.

Our elegant French doors are fully customisable with an array of colours to pick from, that will complement the design of any home.

To ensure your home remains warm and cosy in the winter, all of our French doors are built with performance in mind and come with energy-efficient glass, filled with Argon gas, draught-resistant seals and warm edge spacers.

The Ashdale Home Improvements French doors will also enhance the security in your home with market leading multi-point locking features.

Why choose bespoke French doors from Ashdale Home Improvements?

Custom-made for a perfect fit

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All our French doors are made-to-measure for a perfect fit.

Save space inside

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Opening outwards, our French doors enable you to fully utilise the space indoors.

Keep your home safe all year round

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All French doors come with leading security features including multi-point locking.

Warmer home in the winter

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Our French doors range will eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss in the winter.

Array of styles

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We have a huge range of styles and colours to suit any property.

Free quote

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Contact us today to get your free no obligation quote.