Gable Conservatory

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Gable End Conservatory

Our gable-end conservatory can add real grandeur to your home, combining attractive period features from the Georgian era and modern performance. This conservatory design is a great choice for period houses of any size.

The gable-end conservatory features a pitched roof, and unlike other conservatory styles, the front of the roof is vertical, rather than sloping back to the centre. This means that the front of the conservatory stays upright, like the end of a house.

This gable-end conservatory has a bold large rectangular or square shape, similar to the base of the Edwardian conservatory, but more compact in size, making it the perfect choice for those looking to maximise space in their conservatory. The square floor plan will allow for plenty of space to position furniture and plants.

This conservatory is a stylish choice, with the gable front, maximising the flood of natural light and the height of the conservatory giving the room a more spacious feel.

The gable roof provides a grand and stunning impact both inside and outside the extension, and the front of the gable-end conservatory often looks like the rising of the sun, referred to as a sunburst effect.

With a gable-end conservatory you can choose between a glass or a solid warm roof, and you can even add period finishing touches.

Another popular design option is the addition of extra brickwork, that can perfectly complement the style of your home.

Choose a gable-end conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements to make a bold design statement and maximise space and light into the conservatory.

Why choose a bespoke Gable-end conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements?

Modern thermal performance

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Our conservatories have been expertly built with market leading energy-efficient glass.

Fully bespoke design

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Our gable-end conservatories are custom-made to meet your exact requirements.

year-round living space

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With our range of roofing options, create a conservatory you can enjoy every day of the year.

Finishing touches

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Choose from a fantastic range of stunning period finishing touches.

Maximise living space

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The perfect choice for those looking to maximise space in their conservatory.

Increase the value of your home

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A gable-end conservatory will significantly increase the value of your property.