P-Shaped Conservatory

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P-Shaped Conservatory

A P-shaped conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements will provide you with more room than any other conservatory design and will allow you to enjoy your garden to the full.

Our P-shaped conservatory perfectly complements the style of larger, detached properties. It can combine a lean-to conservatory with a Victorian conservatory, or an Edwardian conservatory roof with a lean-to or double hipped roof.

The P-shaped conservatory is an incredibly versatile modern living space. As the P-shaped conservatory extends in different directions, it will allow you to create two separate living areas within the same room. Some of our clients have transformed the longer part of the P-shape into a living room or a dining area, and the rounded part into a children’s play area.

All our conservatories are custom-designed, so you can decide whether you want the two sections of your conservatory to be equal in size or you can have one larger room and one smaller room, the choice will depend on your individual requirements.

The biggest advantage of our P-shaped conservatory is that it can add much-needed living space to your house, without taking up too much of your garden or requiring a garden redesign.

A P-shaped conservatory can be fully glazed, consisting only of frame and glass and maximising natural light, or you have the option to build a dwarf wall, matching the existing brickwork of the property.

Why pick a P-shaped conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements?

Bespoke design

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Our p-shaped conservatories are custom-made to meet your exact requirements.

Versatile living space

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A P-shaped conservatory allows you to create two separate living areas.

Year-round living space

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Keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Suitable for large properties

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Our P-shaped conservatory will perfectly complement a larger, detached home.

Enjoy your garden

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Create extra living space, without the conservatory taking up too much of your garden.

Add value to your home

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A modern p-shaped conservatory will increase the value of your property.