Victorian Conservatory

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The Victorian conservatory is one of our most popular conservatory styles, with a multi-faceted structure and an elegant rounded shape, inspired by the late Victorian architecture. This is a very adaptable style that can perfectly suit both period and new-build properties.

Our Victorian conservatory typically comes in one of its two most common variations. The three-facet Victorian conservatory features a bay front with three main windows at wide angles, and the five-facet Victorian, with a bay front and five main windows, providing more space. The bay-curved front creates a perfect space to enjoy great panoramic views of your garden.

This conservatory style has a steeply pitched roof with ornate ridge details, such as finials and crestings, which are popular decorative features from the Victorian times.

A typical Victorian conservatory will feature modern French doors with minimal framing, that create a bright and airy living space, seamlessly connecting your home with your garden.

Your new Victorian conservatory can either have a dwarf brick wall, incorporated into its base or be fully glazed to optimise the flood of light.

You can also choose between an intelligent self-cleaning glass or tiled warm roof, with both roof options providing modern energy efficiency, allowing to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Incredibly versatile, a bespoke Victorian conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements can be suitable for almost any purpose, whether you are looking for a new living room, a dining room or family entertainment area.

What are the benefits of choosing a custom-built Victorian conservatory from Ashdale Home Improvements?

Incredible thermal performance

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Our conservatories have been expertly built with leading insulated energy-efficient glass.

Fully customisable design

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Our Victorian conservatories are fully bespoke to meet any of your design requirements.

Year-round living space

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A range of roofing options, that will keep your conservatory usable all year.

Finishing touches

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Choice of stylish period finishing touches, like finials and crestings.

Amazing garden views

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The bay-curved front is the perfect spot to enjoy panoramic views of your garden.

Increase the value of your home

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The Victorian conservatory style will add significant value to your property.