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Keeping your conservatory warm in Winter

We have many years of experience in the home improvement industry and have successfully replaced thousands of conservatory roofs across the North East.  We’ve found that the number one reason people choose to replace their old conservatory…
Thinking of converting your garage into a living space? North East

Thinking of converting your garage into a living space?

Has your garage become a dumping ground? Are old items that you rarely (or never!) use just clogging up space? Are you thinking of converting your garage to help you reclaim that unused space? Our expert team can help. We can create that…
Time to invest in your home office? North East

Time to invest in your home office?

Working from home is fast becoming a way of life for many people across the North East.  During lockdown, some businesses have realised that it is not necessary to have their teams come into a central office every day. Many people are capable…

Five Tell-tale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Conservatory Roof

Replacing your outdated conservatory roof with a new insulated tiled conservatory roof will not only improve the appearance of your home, but it can also help to keep it warmer, reduce damp and condensation and even cut down those dreaded winter…

Why summer is the perfect time to invest in a warm conservatory roof

Invest in a warm conservatory roof this summer Reduce the unwanted sun glare Upgrade to a warm conservatory roof to make the most of the remaining sunny days this summer. A conservatory with a tiled roof radically reduces any unwanted sun…

Warm Conservatory Roof – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Warm Conservatory Roof FAQs Can a tiled warm roof be fitted to my existing conservatory?  Our tiled conservatory roofs can be used for any style of conservatory, no matter the size or shape. Our warm roofing system has been expertly designed…